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New! New! New!

Laughing Loon Studio presents the first in a series of instructional videos detailing the building techinques of Rob Macks.

Rob's innovative building techniques have been generally adopted by the strip building community over the last twenty years and are now standards, such as:

  • Bending strips with the heat gun

  • Using hot glue for stapleless stripping

  • Hatch Covers invisibly held with Rare Earth Magnets

  • Epoxy seal coat of bare wood

  • True transparent glass lay-up techniques

  • Use of 3/16" strips

  • Safe, table saw strip ripping, set-up

  • Strip construction of baidarka style kayaks

Now you have access to detailed video examples of these whole, mature, techniques from the originator.

Building the Baidarka
Bow and Stern

Rob Macks shows you, step by step, how he builds his baidarka bow and stern parts to get you started on the right foot to stripping your own baidarka kayak. This applies to the bow and stern for any of Rob's Star line of baidarkas such as the Dark Star, Shooting Star, Fire Star, North Star or Twin Star.

All the information you need to build the beautiful detailed stems of this exotic design.

This brand new 90 minute instructional video
is in wide screen 16:9 format DVD, and will play on computers and older 4:3 TVs as well*.

DVD cost $35 plus Shipping

Shipping $5- US, $10 International

PAL formatted DVD for overseas builders

FREE shipping when ordered with plans or instruction book.

*Please note: this DVD may not play on some DVD players more than five years old.

Coming Soon

Laughing Loon videos for Rob's Varnishing Secrets, Stapleless Stripping with Hot Glue,

Bending Strips with the Heat Gun and Transparent Fiberglass Lay-ups.


Laughing Loon Paddles

Aleut and Greenland style paddles for sale.

Custom hand crafted all wood paddles. The primary wood is northern white or western red cedar for a very lightweight paddle. Paddles range from 24 to 36 oz. depending on length and woods used. Finished with 5 coats of epoxy and three coats of spar varnish.

Aleut Paddle detail

at right.



Aleut and Greenland style paddles

Paddles cost $375 plus shipping & Handling



Plans for 3 Kayak Paddles

Plus /Kayak Seat /Thigh Braces /Spray Skirt.



Plans include: Full size drawings of paddle blades, thigh braces, seat templates and backrest template. Detailed building instructions and many illustrations. Also included is a list of material sources. Plus a background on the features and technique of the native Aleut style paddle.

Thigh braces are carved foam blocks glued under the front of the cockpit rim to form a comfortable contact point for your thighs to brace against during paddle strokes for a most efficient transfer of power. Thigh braces are also very important in outfitting a kayak to make Eskimo rolls easier.

One thigh brace block is visible in the picture below on the lower right edge of the cockpit rim.

This is the most comfortable seat you'll ever use. Carved from closed cell foam to fit you!

The contoured backrest is a curved wood strip panel covered with 3/4" thick close celled foam. A tongue of wood strip panel on the rear of the back rest fits into a slot in the foam seat to hold the backrest up. This allows clear space behind the backrest to stow gear. The backrest is adjusted forward and back via nylon straps at the sides.


The closed cell foam the seat is made from is extremely resilient and will never absorb water. It adds to the flotation of your boat. You can retrofit this seat into any kayak, glass, plastic, wood strip, stitch and glue, or skin on frame for paddling nirvana.



These set of plans Cost:

  • $25 US
  • $28 Can
  • $30 Overseas
  • Shipping is included
Maine residents include 5% sales tax.
All prices are in US dollars.

To Place an Order


Plan set for paddles only $15 US, $18 CAN, $20 OS

All prices in USD


Place an Order


Contact me at;

Phone 1-207-549-5358 or 1-207-549-3531

Snail Mail;
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